Common headaches

 Sinus headache

Tension related headache


cluster and migraine headache

pressure headache

dehydration and nutrient depletion headache


treatment options

sinus headache


Sinus headaches can happen in relation to chronic sinus infections. Effective treatment can be using a nebulizing treatment of essential oils or glutathione to treat the sinus imbalance. Often other factors such as food sensitives or over production of mucus contribute to recurrence. 

- Taking a food sensitivity (IgG) blood test can give you immediate feedback on what your body may be reacting to. 

- Nebulizing glutathione is a direct inhalation of the body's most powerful antioxidant. Only 1-5 treatments can prevent and reduce the frequency and severity of headaches. 

tension headache


Tension headaches can arise due to trauma or repetitive strain or overuse. Causes include posture, muscular/tendon sprain/strains, hard-to-treat trigger points. 

- Effective treatment options include acupuncturetrigger point injection therapy and prolotherapy to treat the muscle/tendon involvement. 

pressure headache


CHINOOK HEADACHE! Also known as a chinook headache due to the drastic change in pressure associated with the weather changes. Headaches can arise due to a large increase or decrease in pressure. 

Pressure headaches are often a combination of other factors such as sinus or tension related problems that are exacerbated by pressure changes. 

- Food related influences can cause a large change in severity and frequency. 

Cluster & MIgraine headaches


Cluster and migraine headaches can have a hormonal component that is not often addressed. Understanding the trigger is is the most important treatment.

Trigger point therapy can help with pain that accompanies this headache pattern. 

Food sensitives and lifestyle habits can also play a huge role and are important to consider.  

dehydration & Nutrient depletion headache


Dehydration is a very important consideration, and along with that your nutrient stores. If you're out of balance electrolyte wise it can lead to and make headaches more severe. 

Vitamin IV Therapy is a great way to hydrate and increase your nutrients. Direct delivery of  high dose vitamins, antioxidants, amino acids, minerals and other nutrients.

Your personalised IV bag will  deliver high-quality nutrients that go directly into the blood stream which are then absorbed into your cells more efficiently. It's a fast and immediate way to help kick-start your body.