botanical medicine

Botanical medicine involves anything to do with using plants and food as medicine. Anything from common household herbs to plant extracts specifically formulated for treating individual health concerns.

Herbs have a synergistic effect using multiple natural components that act together to cause a modulating effect. This means that unlike a drug prescription, herbs have a balancing effect to treat the underlying cause of disease. It is common to have potent herbal extracts either single or mixed, that are prescribed to aid the body in healing the damaged or over-stressed system.

These extracts can help balance hormones, increase energy, for allergies, to nourish, decrease pain, aid in colds and flus, for sleep disorders, decrease anxiety and mood disorders, among others. Botanicals can be used in many ways such as in a tea, powdered, in an alcohol or liquid extract, as a stand alone standardized extract, or as simply as a food.