GLUTATHIONE is the master anti-oxidant in the body (primary in the liver). It is used in many conditions as a therapy to bring about re-balancing.

  • Used in detox reactions in the liver to clear excess toxins

  • Treat hormone imbalances

  • Skin conditions such as excess pigmentation, dryness, acne and uneven tone

  • Skin lightening


GLUTATHIONE is also successfully used for:

  • Blood sugar control

  • Reversing damage of high cholesterol and high blood pressure

  • Some types of liver damage and regeneration

  • Braig fog and low energy

How is glutathione administered?

  • Glutathione is best administered INTRAVENOUSLY because it goes directly into the blood stream to be used, without be degraded by the digestive system.

  • Typical treatment protocol is a series of 6-10 Intravenous treatments spread out over weekly or bi-weekly sessions.

  • The dose can be adjusted to accommodate for individual cases