Why A B Vitamin Injection?

Spring is a good time to try something new. Why are vitamin B and vitamin B12 injections are helpful?

Vitamin B12 is hugely important for cellular metabolism, energy (and red blood cell production) and a co-factor in many important processes in the body.

3 reasons why is doing an injection is helpful:

  1. An injection of vitamin B12 gives high doses of HIGHLY available vitamin B12 in the form methylcobalamin. Because of its capability in your body, you can store Vitamin B12 over longer periods of time (than many other water soluble vitamins).

  2. Vitamin B12 can be hard to absorb. Because B12 specifically (not other B vitamins) requires an extra step of activation in the digestive process, it can be difficult to ensure you are getting adequate. If you have any digestive issues (bloating, gas, pain, indigestion, heartburn) its likely you are not absorbing vitamin B12 effectively.

  3. Taking an injection bypasses digestion and ensures high doses of vitamin B12 and other vitamins into circulation (via intramuscular injection). You can rest easy knowing you are getting highly active vitamins at generous doses directly into the blood stream to be utilized almost immediately.

Other B vitamins are essential (Vitamin B1, B6, B9) to aid in the stress response. Increased stress (physical and mental) burn through your resources/stores faster, which can lead to fatigue over time (being in a deficiency). Injecting high doses of these can bring an almost instant boost to get through stressful times.

In addition to B vitamins, sometimes amino acids and co-factors can be easily injected in a combo with B vitamins to give a compounded effect.

Reasons not to injection:

  1. You have an underlying allergy or metabolism issue with Vitamin B12 or other injections.

  2. You are unsure if this is right for you. Ask the doctor any concerns or questions you may have when you book an assessment.