Vitamin D


Are You Getting Enough?

Vitamin D can be tough to get adequate levels of during the winter months. This is because of lack of sunlight, specifically UV or ultraviolet rays. Because your body is not capable of producing the active form of vitamin D on its own, it needs activation in the form of UV rays. The ultraviolet rays convert Vitamin D precursor (7-dehydrocholesterol) to Vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol), which is then activated by the liver to form 25-hydroxyvitamin D3.

In the winter months even with sun exposure, UV rays are not adequate to make this conversion.

A very good way to know if you're getting adequate amounts is by getting testing done. Contact your doctor (or me) to find out more. 

Is there food sources of Vitamin D?

There are very few things that truly contain Vitamin D3, including some fish and few meat sources. Even with regular consumption the levels are not adequate to support healthy levels. Fortified foods which have Vitamin D3 added as a supplement source are more readily available, and regular consumption is needed.

How else should I get Vitamin D3?

Regular supplementation with a high quality Vitamin D3 product will slowly raise Vitamin D stores. Another great option is intramuscular Vitamin D3 injection. Injection bypasses the digestive system and ensures high doses of Vitamin D, which can be stored over a longer period.


Curious about supplementation or injection of Vitamin D?

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Yours in health,

Dr. Kristy Gottselig ND